Update on ecosystems mapping activity

Published: Jul 01 2009

Steady progress is being made on the input layers for the ecosystem mapping effort. New continent-wide GIS data layers are ready for landforms, bioclimate regions, biogeographic regions, surficial lithology, topographic moisture potential, at best available spatial resolutions.

These public-domain products are to be accessible through the SERVIR-Africa portal, as well as detailed description of the methods used for combining the structural components of ecosystems (landforms, lithology, bioclimate, etc.) into structure-based footprints, and then aggregating these up into an ecosystems classification.

usgs landforms
Draft landforms have been modeled from 30m NGA DEM, void-filled borrowing from Hydrosheds 90m, and then resampled to 90 m to dilute out the bald earth problem.
usgs coastline landform
A coastline extraction from Landsat imagery is available, covering the whole Africa coastline.  The image to the left is a small sample of the new 30 m Africa coastline.
usgs isobioclimate
New isobioclimate maps, modeled with 1 km2 WorldClim data, shows distinct ombrotype regions (wet/dry gradients) thermotype regions (hot/cold gradients) and continentality. Each of those three layers were modeled separately and combined.
usgs lithology


New draft lithology from a variety of best sources compiled and crosswalked to ecologically meaningful lithology.

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