Keeping watch over Forests: New Training on Forest Cover Change Detection

Published: Apr 18 2017

Remote Sensing for Forest Cover Change Detection is a hands-on training course that will guide you through the process of using freely available, open source software and data to map and measure changes occurring on the landscape over time. We focus the training on detecting and monitoring forest cover changes because of the relevance of monitoring forest cover change for addressing global climate change challenges. The course follows the IPCC Good Practice Guidance principles and is consistent with the methodological advice by the Global Forest Observation Initiative for forest monitoring in the context of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation).  Read more >>

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About Us

Photo collage illustrating changes in land cover
Click here to download the slides from our April 20 webinar launch.

Presentation: Module 1
Change Detection Objectives and overview of GFOI guiding principles
Training Module 1
Remote Sensing Project Planning and Documentation
Presentation: Module 2
Introduction to Google Earth Engine
Training Module 2
Introduction to Google Earth Engine and Cloud Free Composites
Presentations: Module 3
Land Cover Classification Techniques
Quantitative Accuracy Assessment
Training Module 3
Introduction to QGIS and Land Cover Classification
Presentation: Module 4
Overview of detecting, mapping and quantifying change using remote tools
Training Module 4
Change Detection and Area Estimation
Presentation: Module 5
Hybrid Monitoring Approach: wall to wall mapping and area estimation

Presentation: Module 6
Reference data collection with Collect Earth Online (Coming Soon!)

Download QGIS (zip file for the OSGeo4W64 install)
Download QGIS Scripts (zip file with Python scripts)
Download Change Detection datasets (zip file)


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