Using Earth observation tools for water management in Cambodia

Published: Aug 09 2017

SERVIR-Mekong conducted a joint training 3-4 August 2017 with SERVIR Applied Sciences Team members Hyongki Lee and Faisal Hossain for officials from the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) of Cambodia. The topic was climate and water resource management. Participants received hands-on training on the use of Earth observation application tools for water management to improve flood and irrigation management. The training was held at MOWRAM, in Phnom Penh. Lee and Hossain are from the University of Houston and the University of Washington, respectively.

Hyongki Lee presents slide on Satellite Radar Altimetry Toolkits
Hyongki Lee discusses Satellite Radar Altimetry tools

Faisal Hossain leads discussion
Faisal Hossain leads a discussion during the workshop

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