NASA Applied Sciences Team Solicitation to Support SERVIR efforts (ROSES 2018)

Published: Apr 05 2018

As part of NASA's Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES 2018) omnibus solicitation, NASA Applied Sciences Program is requesting proposals for a new SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (AST) to support the SERVIR program in co-developing science applications with SERVIR hubs for international development through the use of Earth observations.  The aim is to improve the abilities of SERVIR regional hubs, national stakeholders, and users to apply Earth observations. The two step proposal process begins with the Step-1 proposals, due by 10/25/2018.

The primary purpose of the AST is to provide geographic and thematic applied science expertise to regions supported by the SERVIR global network. Geographic regions include Eastern and Southern Africa, Hindu-Kush Himalaya, Lower Mekong, West Africa, and Amazonia, with thematic topic areas including Agriculture and Food Security, Water Resources and Hydroclimatic Disasters, Land Cover and Land Use Change and Ecosystems, and Weather and Climate. For more details about the solicitation, priority topics, and proposal submission requirements, please visit the SERVIR Applied Sciences Team announcement on the NASA NSPIRES website.

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