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In 2016, USAID and NASA announced SERVIR’s expansion with SERVIR-West Africa, implemented by the Permanent Inter-State Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) subsidiary, the Agriculture, Hydrology and Meteorology (AGRHYMET) Regional Center, and its consortium partners, with support from Tetra Tech, Inc. Created in 1974, AGRHYMET is a specialized agency of the Permanent Inter-State Committee against Drought in the Sahel (CILSS) serving thirteen member countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Togo. This hub will promote the use of publicly available satellite imagery and related geospatial decision-support tools/products to help key stakeholders and decision makers, especially in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, and Senegal, make more informed decisions in four areas: agriculture and food security; water resources and hydroclimatic disasters; weather and climate; and land cover and land use change and ecosystems.

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Strengthening Global Capacity on Synthetic Aperture Radar Applications for Forest Management

February 22, 2018

The first international workshop of the SERVIR SilvaCarbon training series on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) applications was held at AGRHYMET Regional Center in Niamey, Niger, from January 29 - February 2, 2018.

Like-Minded Scientists Gather at World's Largest Earth and Space Meeting

January 15, 2018

SERVIR Global representatives from Africa, Hindu Kush-Himalaya, Lower Mekong region, NASA Science Coordination Office (SCO), USAID, and the SERVIR Applied Sciences Teams (AST) attended the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) 50th Fall Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, 11-15 December 2017.